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                                                           Meet the Coolrays



     Bobby Wade:    Lead vocals, bass and keyboards. Bobby is the original Coolray, a native San Diegan who has played with many local groups over the years. He was a member of "Ricky & the Jets", who appeared with the Drifters, the Coasters and Little Anthony. Growing up in southern California was the inspiration for forming a "Beach Boys style" band and in 1987 he launched the Coolrays. You can also catch Bob as a soloist at various spots like the Hotel Del Coronado or DiMille's Italian Restaurant in Normal Heights.


    Jeff Williams:    Lead vocals and guitar. Jeff is originally a New Yorker....from a small town nobody's ever heard of, in upstate New York. He was a member of the 60's band Rockola along with Coolrays drummer Todd Hidden. Jeff has been teaching music in Chula Vista since 1989 and currently teaches guitar at both Chula Vista Middle School and Chula Vista High which are magnet schools for creative and performing arts. He is the founder and director of Chula Vista High School's Guitar Ensemble, the House of Guitars.  Jeff wrote the score for the musical "Cyrano and Roxana", a play written by Jeanne Becijos and directed by William Virchis, and performed at the 2004 Sweetwater District Summer Institute. Jeff also performs regularly on summer days at the San Diego County Fair with the Jackstraws.



    Todd Hidden:    Lead vocals and drums. Todd is from Wichita, Kansas and has been playing drums ever since "I saw the Beatles on Ed Sullivan". Todd came to San Diego in 1980 after many years of playing on the road with various groups. In 1986 he joined Rockola with fellow Coolray Jeff Williams (the two forming the better half of Rockola!). Todd joined the Coolrays in 1988 and is also a busy freelance drummer and guitarist around San Diego.